Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020
Sites:  Ackley, Stockdale Gun Club
Entry Fee:  $22.00 To the event
50 Youth targets fees    $12.00
50 Adult target fess       $14.00
      (plus Iowa sales Tax on targets)
Club house opens at 9:30 for registration entry
Practice traps opens at 9:30
Practice, 25 targets      $6.00
Event begins at 10:30

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Competition will consist of three 50 target events: 16 yard, handicap and doubles. 

Equipment: Shotgun, maximum 12 ga., 3 dram, 7 ½ shot, 1 1/8 oz. target loads. 


Teams will shoot as a team.  Team awards are based upon the combined 16 yard score.  A team consists of 5 shooters.  Shooters may enter at a higher grade level (i.e. 5th graders can shoot with 8th graders, etc.)

Teams must squad together to be on a team.


All ATA rules will be enforced.  Minimum handicap yardage will be 19 yards. Contestants that are ATA registered will be handicapped to the 19 Yard line or ATA yardage, whichever is greater.

Tie Breakers will be settled by reverse score.  Still tied?  Carry over to the next event.

Hearing and eye protection are required.  All shooters are responsible for their own equipment.

Registration – Only onsite registration will be accepted for trapshooting for Winter Games. Online registration will be available for SCTP & June. Qualifiers from June will have a specific link to register for July finals. Target fees will still be paid onsite.

Age divisions for Winter Games, June Summer Games and July Finals will be:

5th Grade & Under | Male
5th Grade & Under | Female
6th-8th Grade | Male
6th-8th Grade | Female
College Age 18-21 | Male
College Age 18-21 | Female
Age 22-40 | Male
Age 22-54 | Female
Age 41-54 | Male
Age 55 & Over | Female
Age 55-64 | Male
Veterans 65-70 | Male
Senior Vet (71 & Over) | Male