Registration will open next Monday, April 16 at 12:01 am for the Collegiate Trap Championship.
 Registration will close on April 26. All squads should be entered and finalized by this time.
 The event will be run the same as it was last year.
 Squads will shoot 2 rounds at their first field, then 2 rounds at the adjacent field
 followed by a short break, then repeat for the second 4 rounds.
Reminder that all athletes attending must be registered with the SCTP, ISTA, and ATA
 as this is an ATA registered event.

 If you do not have the ISTA and ATA registrations complete, please finish them as soon as possible.
 The ATA fees can be paid through the SHOT5 system. Athlete ATA numbers should also be entered into the SHOT system for each athlete.
Also, if your athletes are interested, The Iowa SCTP, Inc. has partnered with Fine Designs to provide 2018 Collegiate Trap Championship apparel.  The online store can be found at  http://store.finedesigns.com/IowaSCTP  .