Saturday, March 10, 2018
Event begins 10:00 A M



The Buddy Buddy shoot had changed from a trapshoot to a cage match.

The event consists of shooting a wobble double pair going away, and a single in comer coming at you.  Buddies will need to have a shotgun that will shoot twice.  Buddies will have four shells to break three targets.  The targets are set as ATA registered doubles but set on wobble.  An additional machine is place out front to throw a single incoming target.

Two Buddies, team mates, contestants enter the shooting cage.  The Buddy on the left calls for the targets in the first round of shooting.  A wobble pair and the incomer are both released, true triple.  Both contestants shoot at their first bird.  The left target is a wobble double target that  must be shot at by the left buddy and the right wobble double target must be shot at by the right buddy.  If both buddies break their appropriate targets, then they each have a shell left to shoot at the incoming target. 

If one of the two buddies misses their first wobble double bird, they must use their second shell on their missed target.  Hopefully, their buddy has hit their first bird and have a shell left for the incomer.  The wobble double targets must be scored dead to proceed to the incoming target.

The first event is 2 triples per post with a total of three posts.  After the whole field has shot, then the buddies reverse their position.  The other buddys calls for the targets and shoot 2 triples per post with a total of three posts.  The total score is determined from the 24 targets that were scored dead.  Each event is a one box (25) shells, per buddy.

Reentries are permitted.  This event is just for fun, however, prizes are awarded to the high score, runners-up and third place to both male and female contestants.  

Event costs are $7.00 per person.

Club house opens at 10:00
Only ATA trapshooting practice is available
No practice available for Buddy Buddy shooting.